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East Pack is a renowned packaging trade show which is held in United States of America. It is a 3...

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Company Introduction

Find top quality POF Shrink Film Wraps

DongGuan HuaYu Packing Co. ltd. was incorporated in 1993. This leading manufacturing company is located in DongGuan City of China, which owns over 30000 Square meters land and 40000 square meters factory with one subsidiary company Anwei Suzhou Huayu Packing Co. Ltd. who owns 100,000 square meters land there. We are best polyolefin shrink film manufacturers having specialty in our superb 5 layer coextruded Polyolefin shrink film with the polyolefin production lines designed by our own company

Our main products which also have FDA, ROHS, and ISO certifications include:

• 5-layer Polyolefin shrink film,
• PVC/PET shrink label,
• Polyethylene shrink film,
• printing rolls,
• Bags.

We have around 500 competent employees working making us effective and efficient polyolefin shrink film manufacturers. Our leading company mainly focuses on Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East and Africa. This is due to high demands from these regions. To fulfill the needs of our valued customers, we try to meet their demands as soon as possible. Therefore, we have set our average lead time of 20 days all over the world. We pride ourselves on being the leading POF shrink film Supplier

As leading POF shrink film Supplier, our business stands on the strength of our services. We believe in using our creativity and resourcefulness in providing flexible packaging solutions which make packaging easier, quicker and efficient. We suggests the right packaging solutions for each requirement. Our sales team ensures that you get the right product in the right place at the right time. By being POF shrink film Supplier we ensure that the demand and supply are met accordingly.

Our total annual sales are above $100 Million (US), which is because of thirty percent revenue generated from Eastern Europe, twenty percent from Eastern Asia, ten percent from Southeast Asia, another ten percent form Mid East, six percent from Africa another six percent from Oceania, South America and South Asia gives five percent revenue each, whereas North America and Western Europe generate four percent revenue each. These regions are our valuable and long-term customers, because of our outstanding services as leading polyolefin shrink film manufacturers.

As a responsible leading organization we are responsible for environmental and social responsibilities. We focus on the health and safety standards by providing better environmental conditions in our company and value our employees as our main assets. The raw material waste generated in the process of production is recycled and used again in order to save environment and to comply with our standards.As top polyolefin shrink film manufacturers we are further improving our safety standards and have also improved in areas of greenhouse gases and reductions in energy usage because of the commitment to the society and environment.

The compliance of standards and code of conduct are strictly observed. Our department for compliance of ethics and standards group is led by very competent employees, which ensures that our employees behave ethically and act in compliance with our policies and principles. We also have training sessions for our employees, so that nothing left behind when fulfilling our customer needs. We have received certificates of appreciation from government regulatory bodies for being one of the most reputable company. These standards expresses our core values and governs our relationship with customers.,

We focus to produce our products with high quality standards to compete in an international market and fulfill our customer needs. Over the years we have improved our position in the industry of packaging and have also improved in quality standards with many appreciation certificates making us the leading polyolefin shrink film manufacturers.

Our goal is to, remain a leading POF shrink film Supplier, fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers in term of quality as well as of services, maintain everlasting relationships with our customers and fulfill our social responsibilities and to work for the improvement of our environment.